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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
I could see the two you list at Wembley but not the two Tottenham ones.

Given the stadium delays, I don't think Levy is in much of a position to go demanding marquee games. That won't be how it works. Plus if there is an absolute marquee game (and I doubt it) I think they would probably rather have that one in the larger capacity Wembley. Whereas Bucs-Panthers seems better for a smaller stadium. The Panthers are one of the smallest UK fanbases, and the Bucs after a decade of irrelevance aren't a huge draw right now. Safer to have that in the smaller stadium, I reckon.

I can't see Bears-Rams in particular being anything other than SNF or the Game of the Week at 9:25pm.
The NFL will want the big games in the Spurs stadium as it's being seen as the new home of American Football in the UK, furthermore it's designed as an American Football stadium so will have a proper pitch and facilities. Regardless of actual seat numbers, the Spurs stadium looks at least the equal if not superior to Wembley
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