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Name: Paul
Age: 28
Location: NYC
Fan of NFL since: 80s
Fan of the Jets since: 80s

Why the Jets: My uncles took me to Jets game as a kid and once my father saw how into the games I was he got season tix to the Jets ... so I was just brought up & told to follow the Jets.

Favourite Jets: Leon Washington, Revis, Bart Scott, David Harris, Nick Mangold, Mark Sanchez
Favourite former Jets: Curtis Martin, Mo Lewis, Rob Moore, Al Toon, & was a big fan of Marvin Jones

Favourite Jets moment: Getting Curtis from the Patriots, seeing Curtis Martin throw a TD pass to Wayne Chrebet against the Bucs (to watch Keyshawn Johnson lose was priceless), and watching our defense shut down the Texans in week 1 of the 2009 season

Worst Jets Moment: Going up 10-0 in the first half of the AFC Championship game only to lose to Denver in the 2nd half.

Hopes for the season: Mark Sanchez is the rookie MVP and possibly a super bowl appearance, but i hope to at least make the playoffs.
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