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Name: Scott
Age: 32
Location: London
Fan of NFL Since: 1980s
Favourite Current Jets: Washington, was loving his punt & kick off returns last season
Favourite former Jet: Martin
Why the Jets: My uncle (dolphins fan, RIP) got me in to NFL when I was very young and I chose the Jets purely because I liked the colours of uniform and the helmet design. As an Adult I love all things NY, having visitied a few times and plus as someone mentioned above I am also a rabid METS fan and the two teams go hand in hand.
Favourite Jets moment: beating them ******** from Boston
Worst Jets moment: Losing to them ***** from Boston
Hopes for the season: rookie of the year award for Sanchez and a playoff berth

I'll be at wembley next month showing my Jets colours as I have the past two seasons. Come on the bucs.

another Question for everyone:

DO you have a soft spot for any other teams ???

I have always liked Denver, John Elway was a true great.
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