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Name: Gus

Age: 43

Location: Durham

Fan of Nfl Since: 1983

Fan of the Jets since: 1983

Why the Jets:
I was working just outside of Crawley (west sussex) in a hotel and the NFL were doing a 'Go on Holiday with the stars'. So I got to meet alot of Giants players and of course Jets players. The one who had the biggest impression on me was Greg Buttle. From there it really snowballed, but this was waaaay before the internet, so games and footage was extremely precious. The written word in Touchdown(magazine) and of course First down were bibles back then.
I've never been one to jump on bandwagons, so the Jets seemed perfect for me.

Favourite Current Jet(s): Ooh, hard one that. Sanchez has me smiling the most right now.

Favourite former Jet: Loved the sack exchange, Gastineau, Salaam, Klecko and Lyons. Dennis Byrd had an impact on my life for better as well.
How can anyone not love Granthem, Sample, Namath, Snell and Boozer, easy to go on...

Favourite Jets moment: Watching them every sunday, I feel its a privilege.

Worst Jets moment: Anytime they lose, it really hurts....always.

Hopes for the season: Win the big one.

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