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The Rock was the best followed by Stone Cold. I loved The Rock! Kane when he still had the mask, Cactus Jack, Triple H, Undertaker.

My favourite memory of the WWF was when Stone Cold won the Royal Rumble when he and Kane were the last two in the ring. I can still hear Jerry Lawlor screaming!

Or when The Rock came back from filming The Mummy or something, and in the meantime the WCW had been bought by Shane McMahon and all their wrestlers came into the WWF.

Booker T came out and started talking smack to The Rock then The Rock put up his hand in that "you stop talking" sort of way and said
"Who, in the blue Hell, are you?"
Booker T: "Who am I? I'm Booker....."
Crowd burst out laughing, then he asks:
"No seriously, who are you?"
Booker T: "I'm Booker T and I'm the WCW Champion, sucka!"
The Rock: "Let me get this straight, you're the WCW, Champion sucker?"

It was hilarious!
The Rock was one of the best entertainers that the wwf ever had.
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