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Default Pro Bowl Voting - Cards players

So, Pro bowl voting is under way and I am wondering whether people are actually watching the games!

I love the idea of the ProBowl although I do take it for what it is, what I can't get my head round is the voting system and why they start so early, and why they let fans vote!
Let's be honest, we (sports fans I mean) aren't the most clear thinking of people so I will happily vote for Mike Gandy over someone like David Diehl or the Giants, or Jon Stinchcomb of the Saints,who are more worthy of the award (IMO) but ...

I understand so far Jeff Feagles is leading the race for the NFC punter??
Why?! He is way under Graham's average, and for punts inside the 20.

Looking at it the other way, Wilson is apparently the NFCs leading strong safety!
Now I love A Dub and would love to see him get the recognition again but it is fair to say he has been off the pace this year, so far.....

It is like those internet polls to get Jedi recognised as a religion!

Was just some early sunday musings that's all!
Will try not to get worked up to much over the voting for Punters inthe Probowl.
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