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In answer to your questions:

If you are going purely do the game I wouldn't bother flying into Chicago and then hiring a car, you'd be looking at a 4 hour drive from the airport to Lambeau.

There are 2 ways to book your trip.

1. Book a flight and hotel package using Expedia or the like and then get your own ticket.

This option will give you access to a seat of your choice but your hotel probably won't be within walking distance of Lambeau as eventusa pretty much have all the close hotels booked out for their packages.

I would always recommend NFL Ticketexchange if you use this option as they have immediate e-delivery on many of the tickets.

If your not bothered about using Uber or taxiing in and out this is the option for you and is the option I'll be using when I book this years jaunt.

2. Book a hotel and ticket package using Eventusa and then book a flight separately.

I've used eventusa a few times, always dependable, silver and gold package hotels are within walking distance of Lambeau but you will pay a little more and get the cheapest end zone seats with the package. You'll also get access to style all you can eat / drink at the tailgate in the car park next to Brett Favres steakhouse but can buy this for $25 from them. From experience I would bother with the tailgate and drink in and around Lambeau spending more time tailgating n the parking lot.

You can upgrade your seat if you so wish but from experience have found this to be quite expensive to do so.

Also note that the day before the game and day of the game are the expensive hotel days, I paid $150 for an extra night with eventusa as thats what they charged but then found I could have booked it direct with the hotel for $80.

This is for you if you want to be close to Lambeau and the nearby bars.

You do have to be quick off the mark for some of the games, NFC north games are always busy as well as the Seahawks for this year.

The schedule is usually released around the 3rd week of April, as for your FLEX question once to date is set that's the date of the game.

Flexing only allows for change of kickoff time, not date of game.

I'd avoid going last game of the season for reasons I've given above.

I've also stated PM'd you my mobile number to drop me a text if you want any more info.

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