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Originally Posted by Ollyrules View Post
Have to agree with Goodkarma - this is an absolutely abysmal trade for the Giants. Peppers is a JAG, a mid first and third rounder for Odell is daylight robbery!

I have never ever understood this “he’s a locker room issue” narrative - all he wants is to win, and sometimes his emotions boil over because the Giants are a bum team who clearly have absolutely no idea what they are doing. But hey, at least Eli is still around to curl up into the fetal position anytime a defender brushes him...!
He clearly was an issue in the locker room, or they anticipated it. As I said the other day, a few teams would react to how Brown got out of Pittsburgh. That's one reaction. It's not a great haul but it is a much better haul than Pittsburgh received. Teams know what value is, so for them to take that deal tells you something or other was in the background.
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