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Originally Posted by boknows34 View Post
Le’Veon Bell to the Jets.

A 4-year deal for $52.5m with a maximum value of $61m and includes $35m guaranteed.
The Steelers offered Bell $70m over 5 years and, with $33m guaranteed, and $45m over the first three years.

Is the Jets deal better than that really? $2 million more guaranteed. As predicted, by the time you take into account the lost $14.5m last year from sitting out, Bell is going to be worse off. As predicted, he didn't have the market he thought. As predicted, nobody was going to say "oh you didn't play last year, let's give you financial credit for not having tread on the tyres". The delay was waiting for better offers to come in and as I said last night there were numerous smokescreens being put out about interest that wasn't really there to try to get the only serious contender to pay more. If he thought he was getting a Gurley level contract he must be disappointed.

I expect we will start hearing lots of negatives about the Steelers locker room from Bell and his agent very soon, because Bell is clearly a 'save face' kind of guy and he doesn't save face on the financials of this deal. So he will need to spin it as "I just had to get away from those guys".

The narrative about the Steelers being cheapskates was always nonsense. The Steelers don't do heavy guaranteed money. They are not alone in that. But then when it comes to Bell, nor does the rest of the league, apparently. He hit free agency and got $2m more than Pittsburgh offered in guarantees, that's it. The Steelers made AB the highest paid WR, they gave Roethlisberger a big contract, they made Pouncey the highest paid center and they tried to make Bell the highest paid RB but he wasn't happy with it. They paid Shazier last year when some teams might not have, and allowed the contract to toll this year so he continues to get salary plus medical cover - it was the right thing to do. The team has been near the bottom of the cap room table for what seems like years. This is not a cheapskate franchise.

Good luck to Bell. The Jets have bolstered their O line - good for them and Bell will need it. But is he really in a better situation than he was?

As for Bell's agent, I doubt he'll be seeing a mad rush of new clients.

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