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Originally Posted by nick_chicane View Post
Its only going to get worse without him though! They are in an almost identical situation to what we were going into last season. A star running back and no receivers. We ended up having to give up our 1st round for this years draft to simply salvage our season! Beckham wasn't why they've only had one winning season, its the rest of the roster. What they've received for him, is certainly not going to fix that.
No, it’s not like the Cowboys. You guys have a better O-line and a better QB (in 2018/19 anyway). I think if the Giants can fix the QB and O-line and get a decent/solid receiver it will be an overall improvement. And that’s purely on-field, forgetting any off the field stuff.

I can understand Giants fans might feel short changed, but trust me I’d sure take a first and a third and a decent safety right now. Maybe the Browns won this trade, but I’m not ready to say so just yet. Beckham certainly won with a new deal.
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