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Default The new season and stuff

So I realise no-one posts on here anymore. The most recent thread being about Butler moving on :-)

I'm hoping there are a few of you still out there just waiting for someone to ask a question and you can jump on it and give your expert opinions.

Just wondering what people make of the offseason and the bizarre situation with our receivers.
We've literally got no one compared to last season and being the negative doom and gloom person I am when it comes to sports I am starting to question what is going on with us!!!
Realise that we tried a number of receivers that didn't seem to work out, but it's not like us to be so unprepared in this manner.
We are less than a week away from our opener against a team that should put points on us and I'm struggling to see where we are going to respond.
Are we going to be all about the running game this year, or at least until Edelman returns???

I understand we go through different phases with this team, great defence in the past making up for a lack of elite receivers, the two tightend offence and the short passing game making up for the years of no deep threat. Add to that Brady being able to make guys off the street look like hall of famers :-), but this year it seems very different.
Our defence is nowhere near being an elite group. Yes it will be improved with the return of Hightower and they may surprise me, but we have also lost of defensive coordinator so its a bit of an unknown quantity until we get going next week, but the defence hasn't been great for a while, but in many ways it hasn't had to be as we had such a great offence with Edelman and Amendola along with Gronk and players like Hogan and Cooks etc.
It always felt like we would just outscore whoever we played (which came back to bite us in the superbowl), but now we have what looks like a threadbare offence and a defence that will give up points.

I'm always worried like this at the start of the season and they always prove me wrong, but I'm just baffled at the receiver situation currently!!!

What are other peoples views of the season ahead?
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