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Originally Posted by steelers_wheelman View Post
Stop rigging it so the Pats win all the time?

I jest (well, not really, but hey-ho!).

I skipped the entire 2018/19 season for a number of reasons, but I remember a lot of the talk in 2017/18 being about falling viewing figures. As viewing figures fall off, so too will the discourse. It's also partly to do with the platform - forums as a whole are a bit like the Xbox 360 and MP3s ripped from CD's, the tools of yesteryear, they'll always have a few die hard enthusiasts, but social media apps have generally supplanted them for the masses.

Shame really, used to be some great arguments on here before [ID REDACTED], and [ID REDACTED] got themselves banned.

NFLUK are clearly trying to foolishly kill this place but Forums are still pretty popular as shown by Reddit.
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