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It has been a real joy for me to have this thread to share my NFL Blog.

Now with the end of the forum approaching it seems there will not be any more updates posted here!

When I began the thread I remember it being moved around a couple of times by a certain administrator before it settled in this "NFL in the UK" section and it has been a great place over the years for my work to get reads, opinions and feedback. Having worked as a writer in all sorts of areas, this was where I could share my passion for writing and the sport of American Football.

I will continue to add posts to the Blog. Here's the home page -

One thing that has been great about the entire forum is making friends and keeping in touch elsewhere. I have a facebook page that I dedicate solely to the NFL. So if anyone else wants to keep in touch via facebook please do through this page. It's not a "group", just a page I created to express all my NFL thoughts and communicate with other fans -


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