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Default Background on billing problems

Like others, I was billed in a foreign currency (rubles!) losing out on both the exchange rate and my UK high street banks foreign transaction fees -- admittedly only losing out a few pounds, but still stunned it happened.

I've been in contact with someone involved in the new app rollout and was told:

"Your payment was incorrectly routed via the wrong merchant code which resulted in the payment being taken in roubles. This happened with a small number of cards and was picked up relatively quickly. Unfortunately your card was in this early batch, for which I am sorry."

I don't know what constitutes a small number, but it seems like all of them are on this forum.:-)

If we accept this explanation, it does not explain the payments taken without permission, payments but no activation, and the shambolic (i.e., lack of) customer service. I paid on 4 Aug and was sent confirmation on the 9th, which is forever in "Internet years." I don't know how long it will take them to process my cancellation.

I accept a new app will have teething problems, e.g., not all the features working properly in V1.0 and features being rolled out with time.

However, I cannot understand how billing and customer service has been so poor -- it's a rich league, presumably a lucrative app contract, and a good idea of how many customers they had, so they should have been able to scale server usage on the back-end.
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