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Originally Posted by RichardCunliffe View Post
Maybe we need to change the title of the thread to something a bit more optimistic?

Joking aside, yesterday showed what we've all been saying. Trust the run. We should be coming away with some sort of points from most possessions, even if like yesterday it's only 3 points. Bailey is one of the best kickers in the league, if we keep the score board ticking over it gives the defence a chance.

Looking ahead, the Saints and the Seahawks will give our D some problems, but against the Rams, Texans and Giants, running the football consistently should make those games winnable.
After the success of using the running game against Tennessee I do feel a bit more optimistic . Keeping the right balance of run and pass will be the key to us being competitive and winning games. Agree about Dan Bailey, it seems after many seasons we finally have a top notch kicker. We are now 1-1, let's see if we can go 2-1 and keep ourselves above the .500 mark.

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