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Originally Posted by Lonestar1963 View Post
Just looking at the draft history from 63 onwards
12 D linemen
8 LB
7 each O linemen and DBs
5 Rbs
3 Wr
2 QB (Troy and Craig Morton)
2 TEs
1 S
Not looking good for Wentz then! lookin good for Manziel or RG3
so i,m guessin we go with Bosa, Reed, Oakman, Ragland, or knowing the Cowboy recent history we select Spence
Interesting. When you consider the recent addition of Smith, Frederick and Martin to those picks it shows things can change. Prior to that they'd only taken 4 First round O linemen in almost 50 years!

The Cowboys Top 5 selections since 1967:

2003 - 5th overall pick - Terrance Newman, CB.
1991 - 1st overall pick - Russell Maryland, DT.
1989 - 1st overall pick - Troy Aikman, QB.

------^------Jerry Jones ERA-------^--------------------

1977 - 2nd overall pick - Tony Dorsett, RB.
1975 - 2nd overall pick - Randy White, DT.
1974 - 1st overall pick - Ed 'Too Tall' Jones, DE.

The Cowboys Top 10 selections since 1967:

2012 - 6th overall pick* - Mo Claibourne, CB. (*Traded up from 14th)
2011 - 9th overall pick - Tyron Smith, OT.
2002 - 8th overall pick - Roy Williams, S.
1998 - 8th overall pick - Greg Ellis, DE.

So the Top 10 picks of the Jerry Jones Era have been a QB, 2 D Linemen, a Safety, 2 CB's and a OT.

Seeing as the Cowboys have Tyron Smith now I think we can rule out OT.

So that leaves one of the QB's, a CB or Safety, or a DE or DT......if things follow on from the past. Every draft is different, but this one seems deep on the D line (round 2 perhaps?) so one of those top QB's or CB's looks likely.

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