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So, any views on how things are looking for our last season in Oakland?

It's make or break for Derek Carr I think. He became a bit of a check down charlie last year and might have caught Rabbit in Headlights syndrome off his brother? It's also a big year for Conley and Joseph.

We churned a lot of players signing 10 and losing 12 I think. Obviously the big one is Antonio Brown; personally I don't know. Bit of a diva maybe and he'll lose a few games this year. I have a feeling it won't end well. Him and Richie 'needs to be a bit more' Incognito (if he makes the roster) might blow up our locker room? Trent Brown was a great pick up.

I like our draft. Ferrell is going to blow it up. I think Jacobs could go over 1000 yards in his first year if our line holds together and Abrams could really help the DB's.

Schedule is brutal early on, eases up a bit later, gets tough again at the end. AFC West is pretty strong anyway but we have few games you put a W against without thinking.

My view: after an all too brief few seasons of wary optimism it's back to tedium for us this year. A losing record, 4-6 wins for me.
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