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Originally Posted by Jacks Jets View Post
Decent WM in all and would have been great had they given any focus on the other matches except the big 3. The 3 main matches all delivered IMO, all very different too.

The emotional brawl in HHH-Taker, brilliant storytelling, Michaels acting emotionally spent in the corner was a superb touch. HHH being carried out after last year was excellent, gives Taker his credibility back and builds him up for a match with Cena/Lesnar/whoever next year.

Jericho-Punk was superb, it was a pure wrestling match with some nice storytelling added in, Jericho asking Punk to nail him with the chair was awesome. Some great exchanges, particularly with the submission holds. Getting the crowd into it was never going to be easy, sandwiched between HHH-Taker and Rock-Cena, they pulled it off though.

Rock-Cena lived up to expectation, not the same match quality of the other two but it was irrelevant, the exhanges at the end really were larger than life stuff and I was stunned they had the Rock go over. Great ending.

The other matches aren't even worth talking about and the music/concerts were cringeworthy, they really drag down what could have been one of the best WM's. Bryan's burial was the worst, best in ring performer on the roster by a distance and he loses in 18 seconds, nice to see the crowd chanting his name throughout the night though. That character is probably done now, shame too as it was just brilliant.

Overall 7/10 for me.
Its mad they gave bryan 18 seconds and the dreadful divas match the time they did. If you look back to previous wrestlemanias there wasn't a lot of matches and the brodus clay thing was pointless.
Worryingly for wwe the two big matches involved taker hhh and hbk who are finished now and the rock who comes and goes as he pleases. The main event could of been so much better if cena had screwed the rock
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