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Originally Posted by Tezcat View Post
Been meaning to write here sooner. I went to Wrestlemania this year, first time I've gone and I'm already planning next year. I went to Axxess four times and met a bunch of wrestlers, and Mike Tyson. The highlights of Axxess though were the FCW matches that they had going on. Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose was great and it's good to see Dean Ambrose getting moved to doing more Raw/Smackdown dark matches. The Hall of Fame ceremony was great fun, Daniel Bryan chants were strong there when the wrestlers all filed into their seats. Mania itself was a mixed bag. We paid $250 for our seats but had an obstructed view because of the palm trees so we complained and got moved to $400 seats which wasn't too bad =p. The Bryan/Sheamus match was disappointing considering the time the divas match got and the Brodus Clay segment but it made sense that if they were doing a short match that they make it as short as possible. This got so much heat on Sheamus as it seemed every person there was pro-Bryan. I can't wait to see the Taker/HHH match with commentary, the Rock/Cena fight too. Raw was amazing. We were 6th row behind the announcers and got on TV a couple of times. The reaction for Brock was huge but the reaction for Bryan was bigger. The dark match at the end was great, even Big Show jumping up and down chanting "yes!" too.
What's your take on the apparent storyline brewing between Ambrose and Mick Foley? No-one better to get a new talent over than Foley imo.....

EDIT: Looks like Jacks Jets beat me to it.....
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