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Originally Posted by olig23 View Post
The acquisition is obviously a good one. However, it could really hurt us down the line and it is a big risk. People need to realise that losing first round picks for two year means we are literally banking on Chris Williams being productive and Earl Bennett as well. Cutler will be great imo but we still need to draft other players and the first round is place to do that.

By the time we next have a first round pick Alex Brown, Adwele Ogunleye, Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher, Charles Tillman and Olin Kreutz will all be getting up in years and it is vastly important to ensure we don't improve the offence at the expense of not maintaining the defence in the long term.
I'm not sure it (giving up the two firsts) does hurt us down the line, we are very poor at picking talent in the first (in recent history I can only really think of Urlacher that has played up to the billing, Tommy Harris started fine but has dropped off, Olsen is progressing nicely and the jury is out on Williams but the rest were flat out busts in Chi town).

Admittedly the above in your list will/may need replacing in the coming years but again other than Urlacher, none were picked any higher than the second round - i think Ogun may have even been undrafted.

I think that JA has shown that he can pick up talent on D in the later rounds so I'm pretty happy that this deal makes sense and should improve us long term.
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