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[quote author=Arz The Mohawked Lion Fan link=board=23;threadid=32269;start=15#msg852913 date=1203523789]
Is Cancellara still riding for csc? That the team I try to follow

Yes, Fabian is still with CSC

I had a great time last July watching the Tour down in Kent (I managed to convince my wife to take a weeks holiday in a cottage just outside Canterbury ;D). On the Saturday we caught the train up to London and then on the sunday we got there early to claim a spot right next to the finish line. In hindsight that wasn't the best spot to choose, it was a little way from the nearest "Big screen" and tbh although the finish was unbelievably was just! The riders were litterally a blurr of colour as they flew over the line. The atmosphere of the whole day though will live with me forever.
I also usually get out to see the Tour of Britain when it passes through Yorkshire, we have the few odd little hill's to make the blighters sweat a little
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