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Was a great night indeed! Should have had some more food than just 6 wings...I felt like death the next day!

Only downside I thought was the Taxi situation at the end...word obviously never went out to the taxi firms that lots of people would be looking for them!

Waiting at the rank for a while gave me an excuse to have a great drunken conversation with Rhys Lloyd anyway....I can't really remember exactly what we were talking about but he gave me a breif history of how he got in the NFL and was a really nice guy in general!

Same goes for Bianca Westwood...she was up for a chat when she was outside having a smoke! I had no idea until I googled her yesterday that she went out with Ronnie O'Sullivan a few years back. Lovely girl.

I saw Vernon Kaye a few times but he looked like a bit of a nob really....he came in with about 15 people looking like he owned the place.

I was the tall guy with the Pittsburgh Penguins winter classic jersey if anyone spotted me. Got a few positive comments about it too!

Thanks NFLUK for a great event.

Oh....and I have no sympathy at all for those 4 clowns that got booed. They were horrific.
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