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Originally Posted by Tahmasbi View Post
The balcony fiasco? Was this when some douche slapped someone? We were right next to this. Also, this is pretty much an appeal, was anyone here on the NFL bus back to Victoria at around 4:15 when the guys were singing dirty rugby songs and then some absolute moron got his **** out and started whacking off at the front of the bus? I'm not kidding, this happened and I am out to get this guy. I spoke to the driver and they have footage of it recorded on the bus, so they have an image of him and proof of what he did. It's just before I go to the police with it, which I most certainly am, I want to find out more about him if I can. He must be on here in some degree or someone must know him because they were in a large group.
Anyway, anyone that can help, it would be much appreciated. This guy needs to be put on the sex offenders register and banned from ANYTHING to do with NFL.
Haha, that was one of the lads I was with. All just a bit of banter. Oi oi and that. Hardly worth getting your knickers in a twist over tbf.
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