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Cool Birmingham Colts Fan

Location: Birmingham, UK

Any suggestions as to good places to watch the games in or near Birmingham?

Recently moved here, so this is my first season not in the US. How will I cope?

Occupation: IT Consutant

Fan since: 1984 (from the day the Mayflower moving trucks arrived in Indy). I was in grade school in Indy at that time.

Favourite current Colts: Manning, Dallas Clarke, Bob Sanders (when not hurt), Reggie Wayne and A. Gonzales.

Favourite ex-colts: Brandon Stokley and Mke Vanderjact (everyone loves a drunken kicker).

Favourite moment as a Colts fan: Oct 31, 1986 Monday Night Football game against Denver I went to. Colts wiped up with the Broncos easily piling up points while all the fans dressed in MNF announcer mask handed out for Halloween. Oh, can't forget, last year's the NE Patriot game that Belichick made a stupid call as he had no faith in his defense and the Colts came back and won (a.k.a. the day the Patriots so called dynasty died).

Worse moment: Thinking how much I paid for a Super Bowl ticket last year to watch the Colts lose in the 4th quarter. But then, I guess I'm over it, as I’ll go again this year in Dallas when the Colts get there again.

Go Colts!
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