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College Football.... the greatest sporting events ever, love College over NFL all day long.

Most of these kids will never play ball in the Pros, so they are playing for their school, their education and to keep playing football, rather than $$$$$! How often do you get up to 115,000 people screaming for their College team, doesnt get better than that!

Youtube is a great source for videos and highlights, plenty of teams in the California area if you keeping it local to your NFL team!

Only problem with College Ball (well all Football for that) is the short season, 1 more month and then its over. But you do still have national signing day (where all the top high school recruits sign letters of intent) to join the college of their choice in Feb and off course the NFL draft in April. Its much more fun watching the draft when you have followed players from a team (or just players in general) throughout their career and then seeing them go pro!
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