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I'm not trolling here , honest.

I think Atlanta have a solid team a good QB, 3 decent WR's and Gonzo.
Their back field needs addressing as Turner has burned out IMO. Rogers
looks ok but needs help spreading the load.
Their D is efficient , well coached,but lacks depth so this should be the
emphasis in the draft and FA.

I'm not sure about Smitty, I don't think he's the guy to take them that
extra step, he's done a great job in Atlanta considering the mess he
walked into, but much of last nights defeat and many of their losses
in big games, I have felt, are down to him.

If Falcon fans want regular season success followed by post season
disappointment, he's your man , but again IMO he seems too nice and
lacks the arrogant streak of a Harbaugh or Payton for example.

I was actually rooting for the Falcs* last night but was frustrated with
the way they eased up (or seemed to ) after they took the big
lead, there's nothing wrong in my mind in running up the score.

*Don't worry I'll get over it !!
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