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Originally Posted by Stubbsy #21 View Post
Bet you felt so dirty after that you had to have a shower or something!

On offense I'd like to see us address Running Back through Free Agency and Reggie Bush could be an option. Any Rb we do get needs to be able to catch passes and Reggie can do that. Alternatively if we're to draft one I like Stepfan Taylor out of Stanford or Mike Gillislee out of Florida. I'd also like to see us look at a TE in FA and Dustin Keller or Jared Cook from Tennessee would be my choices. Cook I feel is particularly underutilised there. We could also draft one with Zach Ertz from Stanford or Tyler Eifert from Notre Dame being possibilities. I'd agree with what's been said about the O-Line. I think McClure needs to hang it up and we slide Peter Konz over from RG. There's a couple of decent Guards we could pick up in the draft with Chance Warmack from Alabama or Larry Warford from Kentucky both possibilities.

On Defense we need more Pass Rush and then some more Pass rush and I'd go after that both in FA and the draft. Not sure who's out there in free agency (Freeney? Umenyiora?) but in the draft I could see us taking a look at Alex Okafor out of Texas or Margus Hunt out of SMU. I'd also like a massive space eating DT although that partly depends on whether we're looking to transition to a 3-4. Getting Jesse Williams from Alabama in the draft would be nice but I'm not sure if it's our number 1 priority.
Yeah a good scrub with tomato juice did the job!

As for Reggie he didn't enjoy the turf in the dome , had trouble planting and cutting
so wasn't surprised he did well in Miami, he also had 3 injuries which didn't help his
cause and the heavy pass load made his running stats look poor for a #2 pick.
I still have a soft spot for #25 so it would sting a little seeing him in Atlanta.
I reckon little Quiz can do the running/catching job like Sproles ,you need either a
bruiser or a commitee to rotate the carries IMO. Has Norwood got much left in him?
Also do you think letting Ovie go was a poor decision in hindsight?
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