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Originally Posted by Sneddon11 View Post
Really ? Ravens are very much a draft first, FA second team. That's why we do so well, we nearly always get the max 4 compensatory picks letting guys go who want too much. Nearly always only sign guys who have been cut to cheap deals.

Presume you're referring to the Flacco deal, which is different as that's a franchise QB which are near impossible to replace, plus I think you can see now that that's the going rate for a top 10 QB (will look cheap come a few years with the increased cap).

The only guys who get big contracts from us are long time servers (Ngata, Suggs, Flacco etc) and it's very hard to say they have overpaid as they nearly always deserve it. Monroe has yet to prove himself as a top 5 OT so if he wants $9 million + a year than I agree with letting him go.

Losing draft picks isn't the plan, but neither is overpaying like your 'Boys and being in cap hell...
That post obviously caused a little confusion. I meant that the Ravens are a well run organisation, so losing draft picks or paying over the odds isn't like them. The Monroe deal can only be resolved seemingly by EITHER letting him walk, which means you gave up 4th and 5th rounders to 'rent' an OT for 10 games, OR by paying him big money, which as you say the Ravens don't do.

The 'lose-lose' referred to the fact you have to pick one OR the other, going against your philosophy.
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