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Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Expect signings across the lines, including at least one starting guard and probably a starting centre. Possibly someone like Michael Johnson or Willie Young on D.
I thought Brewster was being lined up to replace Meester, have they moved on from that idea now?

Originally Posted by Magnitude View Post
Cousin of Roger?

Veldheer is the best of those available IMO. Monroe is okay, as is Albert (who'd be an elite guard, but won't move!). Saffold is an average RT/RG.
I think Monroe is better than ok, maybe not elite but good. Albert won't move because he'll get paid more as a tackle.

Interested to see where Lamarr Houston ends up, strange that the Raiders don't seem to want him back.

Probably happens most years, but I wonder if some teams are waiting on others to set the market before trying to re-sign their own, instead of paying more than they have to in the first place.
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