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Originally Posted by TSNYJets94 View Post
Hi Everyone,

I've been watching the NFL for a few years now and am a massive fan but just never had a team. This season i decided to pick and stick with a team and that team is the Jets. New York is a great place and one I've always wanted to visit; the green jersey's are unique; great stadium; on the rise IMO and after the cheating last year, i love the way we hate the patriots! I have also bought this seasons jersey with Decker on the back! I'm 21 and from the Wirral (north west) and looking for any advice or information anyone can give. What will happen in terms of the draft, who is leaving or joining? Any advice on how to better follow us from UK. How well you think we will do for the rest of the season, sneak in to the play offs maybe? Who are our other rivals? Where to get the best merchandise from & Any other general information about us! Any UK fan clubs i could join? Sorry for such a long message with lots of questions and thanks for taking the time to reply and helping me out, GO JETS!
Hey!! Go away. We already have an established Wirral resident Jets fan. We don't need another!

Only joking. Welcome to the forums and the Jets, though perhaps commiserations would be more appropriate. The others have already filled a lot in for you but if you want to know more about what's going on you can follow the Jets beat writers on Twitter or for fan opinion then Gang Green Nation and Turn on the Jets are both pretty good.

Never spotted another Jets fan around here. Will be looking out now though.
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