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A long road ahead, and plenty of college players to watch, but what's the general opinion of our needs going forward.

If all players were rated the same what position would you prioritise? Here's my thoughts:

1. QB - The future of the franchise (and a back up for next year)
2. CB - The Cowboys sorely lack depth, talent and play making in the secondary.
3. LB - The Cowboys need a stud LB, even if Sean Lee can stay healthy, preferably one that can cover.
4. RB - McFadden had nearly 1,100 yards, but just 3 TD's, and he's 29 this year. A talented bell cow RB could make an impact straight away.

The next few are dependent on a few things:

4. S - Depends on where Bryon Jones' future lies, but they could still do with a talent injection here. If they get a top class CB then it's less of a priority.
5. WR - Are Terrance Williams or Brice Butler no.2 WR's? Maybe....maybe not. Long term a top WR would be the heir to Dez.
6. DT - This would be higher, if they wanted more from their 1 tech (which I think they should).
7. DE - Lawrence and Gregory are the future. Another top talent in the rotation wouldn't hurt, but is it a priority? A lot depends on Greg Hardy too.

Something to bear in mind, the last Cornerback to win Defensive Rookie of the Year honours was Charles Woodson in 1998! Not saying a rookie CB can't have an impact, but 11 of the last 16 DRoY have been LB's, 3 DE's and 2 DT's. Obviously LB's rack up stats/tackles so grab the attention, especially on bad teams, but they clearly make an impact.

On the offensive side of the ball, the last 16 ORoY's, 7 RB's, 6 QB's and 3 WR's. Again, it doesn't mean that WR's can't have a major impact, but they perhaps struggle to make an immediate impact unlike top tier RB's.
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