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Originally Posted by Kevan1971 View Post
QB Jared Goff Cal
CB Jalen Ramsey Florida St
ILB Reggie Ragland Alabama
OLB Miles Jack UCLA
RB Ezekiel Elliott Ohio St

Top prospect by position from CBS sports
Plenty of watching to do.

Goff seems to have his detractors and the question will be is he (or potentially down the line) worth the 4th pick in the draft if he's still available.

Ramsey seems to be touted as a Safety who can play Corner. Not sure if that's what the Cowboys need, but if he's a top prospect at both positions it can't hurt to have that versatility. Just a question of whether you are getting a slightly better version of Byron Jones, 'stuck' between 2 positions.

Ragland looks more like a run stuffer. No way he's going at no.4 if he can't stay on the field for all 3 downs (don't know yet, haven't watch enough, but his size suggests not). Top of the 2nd round? Maybe, but not convinced.

Jack seems like a prototypical fit for this D. Marinelli wanted Ryan Shazier (Steelers) previously, so he has to be on the radar. He can clearly cover, so he's a 3 down guy. Just have to wait on the medical checks for his knee injury.

Elliott and Henry seem to be the top 2 backs in the draft, at no.4 though I can't see it happening. Not in today's NFL (it's a copycat league) where the RB is 'devalued', and not when this draft looks deep at RB yet again. I don't see him making it to the top of round 2 either, so i doubt he'll be a Cowboy sadly.
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