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The problem at CB is Carr's cap hit is almost $14m. That's way too much, plus he'll be 30 next year. Then you have Mo, who whilst he has improved this year he still hasn't lived up to his 'potential' and can't seem to stay healthy either.

So that's a CB who earns too much. A CB who hasn't lived up to what was expected. Plus a CB coming back from a serious knee injury. After that the Cowboys have very little, Terrance Mitchell showed some promise, but then he's been released once before.

So basically there are question marks everywhere and therefore very little depth.

Touching on the McClain comment too. He's an unrestricted FA this year (like Mo Claibourne), but the bigger issue for me is he has missed 5 games this year. Even when he stays healthy he struggles to see out games from time to time. He's 26 so should be coming into his prime, but there always seems to be a question mark with him.
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