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Get the feeling this is going to be an off season of 'Long term stability vs Short term gain'. Flipping back and forth between drafting a QB or tooling up elsewhere to help out Romo.

It doesn't look like Carson Wentz is going to be there at the top of the 2nd round. It's always the same, I remember when the Cowboys drafted Zach Martin at no.17, Aaron Donald was a possible 1st round guy, then a top 20 guy, then maybe a top 10 guy, he just got further from the Cowboys reach the closer we got to the draft.

Someone like Connor Cook just doesn't inspire me at the top of the 2nd round. Hackenburg might be interesting if he 'falls' to the middle rounds, but he appears to boom or bust.

Meanwhile at no.4 and no.35 the Cowboys might have the pick of some very good players. Myles Jack looks very good on tape, Jalen Ramsey too. I haven't been 'wowed' by the few games I've seen of Joey Bosa, but surely I just haven't watched the right tape yet?

DT is really deep this year, and no.35 might be prime territory to 'upgrade' the interior of the D line.
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