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Originally Posted by Mich View Post
This is useful. Thanks.

I have a Philips Android TV with Kodi installed on it and a sideloding app installed on Unfortunately the Google Play store on the android TV is pared down and doesn't have the NFL Gamepass app and I don't have an android smartphone/tablet as I'm on iOS devices. But hopefully this is useful to some.

I travel a lot so that's what I use Gamepass for so it important to me that the experience of watching downloaded on demand content is good and with this ludicrous decision to retain adverts and the flakey forward/back functionality this will be substandard compared with what we had before.
I imagine that if you have ES File Explorer (or something similar) and a drop box account on the TV then you can download the APK, drop it into you drop box and install through the ES File Explorer. I did this on the Firestick through my mac yesterday.

It may help until the apps appear "in the coming weeks/during the season"
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