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Ideally of course, Tyron Smith comes back healthy after a good rest and can shore up the position at LT, if that is the case, it looks pretty much set, Collins has been stellar at RT, Bell seems maybe to be the swing tackle and Looney can fill in at center or guard, do we keep Chaz? either way its not going to hurt to add another lineman in round 3 or 4.A couple stand out in potential draft choices who can play swing-Martinas Rankin and Tyrell Crosby-presuming McGlinchey has gone early.There doesnt seem to be any standout DBs in the draft and we seemed to have chucked all the eggs in the basket last season in taking rookies at that position, who may or may not work out going forward? Do we go DL? havnt looked at any yet, but any help stopping the run would be a big help for Lee/Smith. TBH cant see us doing much in FA as usual, trying to build a D with rookies is a big chance. The big board is going to change a lot as we know-even before the combine.
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