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Originally Posted by buc1 View Post
If Jags move to Wembley soon, where does that leave WHL as a NFL facility ??
The NFL are contracted to play 2 games a year there for 10 years. Presume 2nd one this year has been deferred with them getting stadium and seating plans ready.

They can’t just walk away as Levy would make a fortune suing them. Finances have been disclosed but must be a rental and then unclear if Spurs get a cut of the food and drink sales. So those games will be played.

The Jaguars game has always been outside this as they wanted Wembley with the higher capacity. Comment anyway seems to be only two matches a year in London by Jaguars for now and it way go up but is also the nuclear option threat for stadium funding / subsidy discussions in US where in Jacksonville or another city.

Though for now the NFL see 4 London games a year as viable 1 Jags @ Wembley, 1 AN Other @ Wembley and 2 @ WHL. So could easily work with what is already planned as minimum for next few years.
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