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Originally Posted by stocksy View Post
Before I start I will say I have been to all 22 IS games and most will know from year on year I have be a big defender and fan of the IS games - so I can comment with some experience - and it was definitely a backward step. In America, going to the football is an experience, I know there are certain long term members that think the IS should be a game and that's all - but that is the opposite of what it is in America, and whilst we unfortunately cannot replicate the NFL experience here easily - I believe we should keep in an experience that is more than just 60 minutes of football.

The issues Sunday though reach far further than stripping back the experience, everything was worse.

Fanatics - not intent with running the online shop badly have taken over the stall on match days and this year was by far and away the worse for anyone wanting merchandise, and whilst I will agree most things you can buy online, a lot of stuff is unique to the day and the queues were far far worse than usual - none of the tents that are usually round the stadium were open, the ones inside were then swamped, people were queuing missing the game. They just got it wrong - then by half time people were still wanting items but the event items were sold out. - its turning down money and the NFL don't like that.

The programmes was a similar story - I don't usually buy mine before the game and in attempt to keep it nice buy towards the end, its never been an issue before - this year that option was gone. I wasn't too upset as in recent years I have not bought one for every game but its another small change that I don't really get - again seems like turning down money.

Tailgate security was laughable. Pepsi give you a can on the walk up, you start to drink it, get near tailgate - "cant bring that in here" - walk through security - pepsi guy gives you another can.. go to leave tailgate with another one open and drinking it - "cant leave here with that" - walk through back out and guy gives you another one... hahaha that's just stupid.

The American couple in front had a baby - security didn't want to let the baby milk and baby food in... that's just insulting to us as a nation.

I had to give up a pack of chewing gum - as it was "food". ha. ok.

From the minute you got to Wembley you could just see it was a massive backwards step for how it felt, the energy, set and everything was different.

The energy and atmosphere was due to the changes.

The seahawks fans papered over the cracks somewhat as they were fantastic but all in all in was a badly organised shambles compared to previous years and they should be getting better not worse.

I know resident "niche sports" guy BuffaloG will be on hand like in every thread to tell us why our opinion and the evidence we prove is wrong but that's just white noise now.
I am glad I am not the only one who felt exactly like this (this was my 19th game). I had not realised that Fanatics had taken over the Merch. They really need to employ more staff inside if they are not going to open outside. As I have previously mentioned, have some programme sellers inside. There are enough booths that weren't even open in the lower tiers. Surely NFLUK knows how much merch they shift on game day yet they could not cope!

I think (hope) that the entrance queues will reduce as people get used to the "airport style" checks.

I am not sure how they sort the food queues out as these seem to be better some games than others. This wont be a concern to me anymore as they have priced me out!

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