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Been going since 2014 and agree that it's getting worse.

It used to be nice, open and felt special having a drink in the tailgate or watching the stage with the stadium behind you. It just felt better. People used to sit on the grass and benches having a drink where its now cranes and the concrete buildings..

Now it feels like a claustrophobic building site. We had a couple of drinks that we took with us in the raider fan area, we started walking towards the tailgate but gave up after walking most the way down a busy road with building fences each side.
I started queuing for beer with a little left to play in the 2nd quarter, card machines in the stadium went down and they ran out of budweiser and everyone was still waiting halfway into the 3rd quarter so I gave up and went back to the game. How can they promote only 35% of the stadium accepts cash and then have a card machine failure.

Earlier this year I changed my mind on going to the IS this year and sold my Wembley season tickets to use the money towards going to Boston at the end of September and see the Patriots play at Gillette Stadium... One of the best decisions Iv made, you can clearly see how better set up the stadiums are over there for games.... Tailgate, bars, fan areas, bud light deck overlooking the field and players warming up, never had to wait for a beer as it was so avaliable and people serving actually wanted to serve you, never saw a queue (apart from having a photo with cheerleaders aha) ...And we smashed the Dolphins aha

Maybe going to watch an authentic game has ruined the IS for me or made me realise how tacky or poor it actually is... I hope Mr Khan does but Wembley and improve the way the stadium operates, but also hope they never bring a franchise here.

Side note - it was nice of the raiders to give the Seahawkes an extra home game this season lol

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