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Calvin Ridley, who everyone is comparing Amari Cooper to because of his age (and college), has 27 receptions, 35 targets, 392 yards and 6 TD's, in 7 games so far.

Corey Davis, a 5th overall pick, has 30 receptions, 56 targets, 395 yards and 1 TD in 7 games so far. The Titans offence, which is a run first offence with a mobile QB, might be more comparable to the Cowboys offence than the Falcons.

What would people be happy with from Cooper over 9 games? and would this move be worth it, in terms of what they've given up, if the Cowboys make the play-offs? Obviously if they make the play-offs then their 1st round pick is in the 20's, just like Ridley (26th overall pick).

I think if he gets the number of targets that Corey Davis has, approaching 60, about 500 yards, and somewhere close to 6 TD's like Ridley, then that wont be a bad return.
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