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Originally Posted by Martz View Post
Remind me not to watch this next year. The Senior Bowl was a much better watch, at least that was somewhat competitive.

Still think the teams with the lowest records should face off with the winner getting the 1st pick in the draft, as long as those teams haven't traded their pick.

Another alternative could be the NFC and AFC Runners up facing each other for some sort of reward like a compensation draft pick.

Arizona vs San Francisco with the winner getting the 1st pick in the draft? New Orleans vs Kansas City for a compensation pick at the end of the second round or something? Much better watch.
if you where going to have a "on the clock..." playoff for the 1st pick it would be better played on the Monday of the wildcard weekend,you couldn't ask teams to hang around for 3 weeks to play on this weekend.

the pro bowl is what it is,teams don't want injuries players are tired and fans really don't care and maybe just want to watch something but this is just a glorified walk through.
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