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Michigan Wolverines!

I started following college football around 2012, I'd been watching the NFL since 2008 and became more and more obsessed with football so needed more football in my life!

I didn't have any idea which team I wanted to support, initially flirted with Notre Dame, then a couple of SEC teams (Florida and LSU I think) then Clemson before settling on Michigan. The biggest appeals were the big house, the colours, the rivalry with OSU and the added bonus that Tom Brady went there! It's not been the most fun being a Michigan fan especially the few dodgy seasons of Brady Hoke, but we've had the glorious return of Jim Harbaugh, we're heading in the right direction but still can't get over the OSU hump, for now!

I also have a huge soft spot for UAB, I met their college basketball team when they were staying at the same hotel as me in Boston in 2014 and kept an eye on their progress from then on. I was genuinely gutted when the team folded, but thankfully they're back and absolutely delighted they got to a bowl this year!
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