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Default X's and O's or Jimmy's and Joe's?

What matters most, the coaching personnel (X's and O's) or the playing personnel (Jimmy's and Joe's)?

Obviously it's not black and white, and i'll probably waffle a bit and miss my point somewhere in this post but hopefully you get the gist of it.

Pairing a great coach/play caller with the worst players in the league might result in an 'improvement', but it isn't going to produce a SB Champion. Same applies to pairing great players with bad coaches/play callers. Every team across the league has a degree of talent on the playing side though, so are good coaches ultimately 'undervalued'?

Another way of looking at it is fans seemingly get frustrated with their HC/OC/DC more so than their players, is that fair? Is it all down to the play call? Are the coaches entirely responsible for a lack of execution? Again, it's probably a mix of responsibility but more often than not a teams struggles are blamed on coaching. Either it's a bad play call or a lack of adjustment, or a lack of player evaluation/development.

The Patriots are probably the ultimate example of the X's and O's argument? They aren't the most talented team, head and shoulders above the rest, but they've dominated the league for years. They clearly have talent, at key positions too, but Belichick seems to be the difference maker.

Here's an interesting twitter read on the SB, showing one persons view of BB/Patriots approach to the game compared to McVay/Rams. It clearly highlights the difference coaching made. Not sure it's in the above link, but I also heard talk of the Patriots sending 2 defensive plays in on each snap, one look for before Goff's helmet communications shut off, and a different look for afterwards. Things like that, if true, clearly count.
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