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I've followed the draft for many years which inevitably led to watching college football more closely (especially since BT/ESPN got the rights), although not to the same extent as the NFL. I don't watch as many games these days as I did a few years back, but I like to follow along and catch the games that I can.

As far as a team/teams go I've struggled to truly settle on one if i'm honest. I don't devote enough time to a team to build a bond and lets face it there's plenty of choice! I've always been drawn to a few teams with history. Penn State and Pitt on the East Coast, and Stanford and Cal on the West Coast. Funnily enough teams that are right next door to one another!

The history and 'Linebacker U' drew me to Penn State. The history and guys like Larry Fitzgerald and Aaron Donald drew me to Pitt. As for Stanford and Cal, I visited California as a kid and really loved the Bay Area and Northern California. If I ever settle on just one team I expect it'll be one of these 4.

I keep half an eye on some of the 'smaller teams' in other conferences like North Texas and Bowling Green because I watched a lot of their games a few years back. BYU's stadium back drop is awesome so I guess they are 'my FBS team', their colours are good too.

As for the SEC (Along with Alabama one of them is in the mix each year so I might as well have a preference), I tend to root for Georgia. Again the history, and The Hedges at Athens, and the Uga the mascot lineage too. Plus they are another team I've watched a fair bit of over the years.
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