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Very interesting thread.

I personally think the coaching staff is the most important thing and it's not something I would have said a few years ago. In the NFL though nearly every team has a couple of star players and very few teams are crammed full of players you'd consider as stars, I look at the teams that perpetually make the play offs (not every season but more often than not) - Packers, Steelers, Patriots etc and they all seem better than most at working with players and improving them and seem to have a higher portion of lower round draft picks that are now solid-good starters.

Another thing which I think Belichick in particular is good at is identifying and working with players that he can use in multiple ways, they might not be in the top echelons of the league at one particular thing but they can do a lot of different jobs which helps them change up their game plan to suit opposition/situation.

Another thing I thought was interesting - At the end of the season there was a lot of discussion around Zimmer/Spielman with the Vikings amongst our fans and it was very much split on whether the team should stick with the coach/gm for another year. I fall into the camp that is very sceptical that they can win a Championship with this staff, but the people who were in favour seemed to think continuity would be best and breed success. So out of interest I looked at past Superbowl winners and found that if a head coach/gm combination won a Superbowl it was usually within 3-4 years of being with the team, I understand some of that is because without results coaches can lose their job fairly quickly, but I think a lot of people believe that continuity breeds success when in reality that just depends if you have the right guys in place to begin with and the stats show that you can usually tell if you have the right people heading a franchise relatively quickly.
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