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Originally Posted by TartanJag View Post
rivalry games would be great but would that not affect the integrity of schedules to a point given it is far from a true league?
Not sure I follow. It would be a 17th game (or 18th game, depending on where we are going with this) not replacing any existing schedule rotation. You wouldn't be playing a divisional team a 3rd time. Just playing - in most cases - a non-conference team that is selected for a reason, rather than just a random matchup. I always thought that was one weakness in the NFL - you only get to play a local team in the other conference every 4 years (Super Bowl aside), making it no different to any other team in the other conference.

I would quite like it if the Steelers could play the Eagles once every season, for example, so a home game every 2 years, rather than currently every 4 years and a home game every 8 years. It's worth pointing out that based on pre-season schedules, a lot of teams appear to think this also. Many teams have arrangements where they play the same teams in pre-season every year, or every other year, rather than just random games. The Jets and Giants certainly play each other every pre-season. The Steelers play the Eagles every other year, and the Panthers every season.
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