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[quote author=Indy 500 link=board=1;threadid=7889;start=15#msg162344 date=1106768603]
[quote author=brady is better than manning + stokley is soft (coltsUK) link=board=1;threadid=7889;start=15#msg162267 date=1106763549]
[quote author=edgerrinArmy link=board=1;threadid=7889;start=15#msg162253 date=1106762872]
when u think we will know what indy will do regarding him??

after the draft is more likely than before, we will probably get a Rb of some kind maybe not great if we are going to let him go, if we do i could see that being the door for edge if we dont it could mean franchising him or letting be a FA, who knows! make sure if you see anything colts news post it here!

nicky ;D

i think Edge's situation will be sorted BEFORE the draft, and for that matter, all the other FAs as well.... that way we will have a clear understanding of the positions we need to address in the draft.


Yeah good point anyways i got the Free agents from the colts forum with my opinions on what we should do keep/cut!

Gary Brackett LB RFA - Keep
Joseph Jefferson CB RFA - Keep
Donald Strickland CB RFA - Keep
David Thornton LB RFA - Keep
Idrees Bashir FS UFA - Keep
Cory Bird SS UFA - Cut
Raheem Brock DE UFA - Cut
Rick DeMulling OG UFA - Keep
Ryan Diem OT UFA - Keep
Nick Harper CB UFA - Cut
Edgerrin James RB UFA - Cut
Rob Morris LB UFA - Cut
James Mungro RB UFA - Keep
Jim Nelson LB UFA - Cut
Tupe Peko OG UFA - Keep
Dominic Rhodes RB UFA - Keep
Troy Walters WR UFA - Cut

shouldnt vanders be on here too? Vanderjagt K - Keep if not daft wages if not cut!
what do you think?

nicky ;D
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