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[quote author=brady is better than manning + stokley is soft (coltsUK) link=board=1;threadid=7889;start=15#msg162401 date=1106771525]
[quote author=Indy 500 link=board=1;threadid=7889;start=15#msg162344 date=1106768603]
[quote author=brady is better than manning + stokley is soft (coltsUK) link=board=1;threadid=7889;start=15#msg162267 date=1106763549]
[quote author=edgerrinArmy link=board=1;threadid=7889;start=15#msg162253 date=1106762872]
when u think we will know what indy will do regarding him??

after the draft is more likely than before, we will probably get a Rb of some kind maybe not great if we are going to let him go, if we do i could see that being the door for edge if we dont it could mean franchising him or letting be a FA, who knows! make sure if you see anything colts news post it here!

nicky ;D

i think Edge's situation will be sorted BEFORE the draft, and for that matter, all the other FAs as well.... that way we will have a clear understanding of the positions we need to address in the draft.


Yeah good point anyways i got the Free agents from the colts forum with my opinions on what we should do keep/cut!

Gary Brackett LB RFA - Keep
Joseph Jefferson CB RFA - Keep
Donald Strickland CB RFA - Keep
David Thornton LB RFA - Keep
Idrees Bashir FS UFA - Keep
Cory Bird SS UFA - Cut
Raheem Brock DE UFA - Cut
Rick DeMulling OG UFA - Keep
Ryan Diem OT UFA - Keep
Nick Harper CB UFA - Cut
Edgerrin James RB UFA - Cut
Rob Morris LB UFA - Cut
James Mungro RB UFA - Keep
Jim Nelson LB UFA - Cut
Tupe Peko OG UFA - Keep
Dominic Rhodes RB UFA - Keep
Troy Walters WR UFA - Cut

shouldnt vanders be on here too? Vanderjagt K - Keep if not daft wages if not cut!
what do you think?

nicky ;D


Gary Brackett keep
Jospeh Jefferson keep
Donald Strickland keep
David thornton keep
Idrees Bashir get rid
Corey Bird keep
Rahem Brock get rid
Rick Demulling keep
Ryan Diem keep
Nick Harper get rid
Rob Morris get rid (useless)
James Mungro get rid
Jim Nelson get rid
Tupo Peko get rid
Troy Walters get rid
Dominic Rhodes keep
Edgerrin James keep, get rid, keep get rid, yeah get rid. Bye edge thanks for the memories name change to RhodesArmy imminent
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