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I really hope we don’t take Cameron Heyward. I think he is pretty overrated and doesn’t fit what we need. He’s like a slightly better version of C.J. Wilson. Not a natural pass rusher.

Cameron Jordan would be a better fit and good value at #32 but I don’t see it happening.

My thoughts are that there is value in trading down. The wild card in this draft is the quarterbacks. IMO Gabbert, Newton and Mallett are all going in round 1, maybe Locker as well. There are warts on all of them but also they’ve all got things to work with. With the number of teams that need quarterbacks, someone is going to take a chance. There will be some good players in the second round, and we might be able to move back, pick up an extra pick and let the draft come to us.

If we stay where we are, there are some OTs we might look at, Ijalana is an interesting one. It’s not out of the question that Carimi might be there, would love to see us take a Badger. Don’t see us trading up for Jimmy Smith (too risky and not a big enough need). If Ryan Kerrigan was within range however…

I also think there’s a chance Ryan Williams will be there. If that happens, I think it’d be a good value pick.
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