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Originally Posted by phuqertrfc View Post
Hi all,

Anyone able to advise on

Seems legit when reading all the terms and conditions etc... i.e. proper English etc, and it has a phone number, live chat, London address etc.
Says it is part of the World Sports Merchandise family?

However, it has a fairly decent range of products which sets alarm bells off and even though its game jerseys are around the expected price, the limited jerseys seem a bit cheaper than you'd expect.

Is this just a slightly renamed url for the old known fake or is this completely different, and more importantly, anyone know if it is fake or legit?

Yep, just the old site in a new guise.
Judging by social media, Lots of people seem to fall foul of this one !!
(note added to main post now, just to highlight the info further down the thread).

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